Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top 5 Changes I Want in Pokemon Go

Now I love Pokemon Go, but my objectives are slightly different than others.  I personally want to catch them all.  I don't really have a desire to battle gyms, which I know is a big part of the game for a lot of people.  So these changes are more for someone who is a casual player.  I don't really care about the power of my pokemon.  So that's just me.

1. Different pokemon
Now I love pokemon.  I haven't necessarily played every generation, but I still want to be able to catch a little mareep so I can get my ampharos.  Also then we could have a little more variety in some areas.  I wouldn't mind seeing a bunch of hoothoots at night, or combees flying around.

2. Better dispersion of Pokestops
I know there are plenty of Pokestops.  However where I live you have to go downtown to get Pokestops now I understand that there are a lot of Pokestops in a highly concentrated area, but it is immensely frustrating.  I get stressed out when I go to downtown so I tend to run out of pokeballs and  have to wait until I'm going somewhere that has a Pokestop.  So that makes the game a little less fun for me.

3. Higher CP pokemon should give you more candy
Any Pokemon Go player knows that they have to catch over 100 magikarp to evolve it, and it's really annoying to waste ten precious pokeballs on a higher CP pokemon.  I wish there was a reward for catching higher CP pokemon or evolved pokemon.

4. Daily items
Now this might be a little greedy, but I wish you would get an item or two each day you play.  So when you run out of pokeballs you can get a few every day so that you can keep playing.  Now I understand that that would cause them to make less money so I understand why they wouldn't, but it would help for people who didn't have Pokestops near them.  I know you can get items if you hold down a gym for a while, and I could be wrong they might give you daily items, but as far as I know they don't.

5. Better tutorial or more advice throughout the game
I personaly missed out on my first Pokestop because I forgot what they told me at the beginning of the game.  I also wish it was more helpful at the beginning so I wouldn't waste all of my items right at the beginning.

What would you want to change about Pokemon Go? Are you playing?  If so are you enjoying it?

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