Thursday, March 23, 2017

I'm Done With Booktube

I wanted to make a video about this before I left, but I kept procrastinating on it.  So, if you were wondering why there weren't any video, that's why.  I decided to quit booktube.  I want to start making gaming videos on a different channel, but I haven't had the time or the resources to do so.  I still want to be involved with the book community.  I might continue to post here, but I don't plan to come back to booktube.  I've deleted Twitter off of my phone, and most of my other social media because it was just starting to get too toxic for me.  Booktube is not the community it was when I started and right now I am not prepared to be a part of it anymore.  I was already feeling like I was drifting from the community before, but now with all the arguing I'm definitely ready to leave.  I'll always keep reading, and I'll always want to talk about books just not on booktube.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top 5 Changes I Want in Pokemon Go

Now I love Pokemon Go, but my objectives are slightly different than others.  I personally want to catch them all.  I don't really have a desire to battle gyms, which I know is a big part of the game for a lot of people.  So these changes are more for someone who is a casual player.  I don't really care about the power of my pokemon.  So that's just me.

1. Different pokemon
Now I love pokemon.  I haven't necessarily played every generation, but I still want to be able to catch a little mareep so I can get my ampharos.  Also then we could have a little more variety in some areas.  I wouldn't mind seeing a bunch of hoothoots at night, or combees flying around.

2. Better dispersion of Pokestops
I know there are plenty of Pokestops.  However where I live you have to go downtown to get Pokestops now I understand that there are a lot of Pokestops in a highly concentrated area, but it is immensely frustrating.  I get stressed out when I go to downtown so I tend to run out of pokeballs and  have to wait until I'm going somewhere that has a Pokestop.  So that makes the game a little less fun for me.

3. Higher CP pokemon should give you more candy
Any Pokemon Go player knows that they have to catch over 100 magikarp to evolve it, and it's really annoying to waste ten precious pokeballs on a higher CP pokemon.  I wish there was a reward for catching higher CP pokemon or evolved pokemon.

4. Daily items
Now this might be a little greedy, but I wish you would get an item or two each day you play.  So when you run out of pokeballs you can get a few every day so that you can keep playing.  Now I understand that that would cause them to make less money so I understand why they wouldn't, but it would help for people who didn't have Pokestops near them.  I know you can get items if you hold down a gym for a while, and I could be wrong they might give you daily items, but as far as I know they don't.

5. Better tutorial or more advice throughout the game
I personaly missed out on my first Pokestop because I forgot what they told me at the beginning of the game.  I also wish it was more helpful at the beginning so I wouldn't waste all of my items right at the beginning.

What would you want to change about Pokemon Go? Are you playing?  If so are you enjoying it?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Review | All the Time in the World by Caroline Angell

All the Time in the World by Caroline Angell
Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Pages: 336

Synopsis (From Goodreads)
When a devastating accident befalls the family she nannies for, a young composer faces a choice between her promising career and the well-being of the two little boys she has come to love

Charlotte, a gifted and superbly-trained young musician, has been blindsided by a shocking betrayal in her promising career when she takes a babysitting job with the McLeans, a glamorous Upper East Side Manhattan family. At first, the nanny gig is just a way of tiding herself over until she has licked her wounds and figured out her next move as a composer in New York; she doesn't mean to stay with the family for long. But, as the reader quickly becomes aware, Charlotte is naturally gifted with children and as deeply fond of the two little boys as they are of her. When an unthinkable tragedy leaves the McLeans bereft, Charlotte is not the only one who realizes that she's the key to holding little George and Matty's world together. She finds herself facing an impossible choice between her lifelong dreams and a torn-apart family she's come to love as her own.


My Thoughts
First I would like to say that I received this from Henry Holt in exchange for a fair and honest review.  
I really enjoyed this book.  A lot of the characters were very relatable.  The story was told in alternate timelines intertwined.  So it would alternate between before and after the accident.  While this was an interesting way to tell the story that's where I struggled the most with this book.  It took me a while to read this so I struggled with remembering what was happening because it wasn't told in a linear fashion.  However I think if I sat down and binge read the story, I wouldn't have had this problem.  I really liked the writing, and I loved how the two kids developed throughout the story.  You could see how the events were affecting their personality, which I thought was really interesting.  Overall I would highly recommend this book especially if you are looking for an adult contemporary.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Advice On Painting Your Shelves With Chalkboard Paint

As many of you may or may not know, I painted my shelves in chalkboard paint.  It is probably my favorite thing about my shelves.  So I thought I would give advice for anyone who wanted to do this as well.  So I'll break this up into some helpful sections (or at least I hope it is helpful).

What you'll need
Well the first thing you'll need is chalkboard paint.  I bought the Disney brand of chalkboard paint (which you can't get anymore).  I found it at my local Walmart.  I have two bits of advice.  My shelves are about six feet high and three feet wide.  It only took on 32 fluid ounce paint can to paint two coats on my shelves, and I have two shelves to give you a bit of guidance of how much paint to buy.  The second is if you don't want the black color of a chalkboard get untinted chalkboard paint.  My shelves are originally white, and since I had untinted paint, they stayed white.  Now this happened purely by accident for me, but it was a happy accident.

The next thing you'll need are paint brushes and a paint tray, and while I'm sure you figured this out all on your own I do have some advice.  Now any old paint tray will do, but your brushes are important.  I would highly recommend a roller especially if you are doing the outside of your shelves.  However you will need a brush, if you paint the inside to get the corners, which was something I had overlooked.

The last thing you'll need is chalk or chalkboard markers.  Now I prefer chalkboard markers, but they are definitely more expensive.  However if you want it to look like paint then I would highly recommend the markers.  You can get them on Amazon for a relatively nice price.  However I've been buying them at Michaels because I've had an emergency need for chalkboard markers.  Now this is the brand I get.  While they are expensive, Michaels almost always has coupons so they aren't as expensive.  With the chalkboard paint that I used it needed to cure for a week, so I would recommend ordering them from Amazon.  I bought this brand from Amazon, but I don't know how well they work since I haven't used them yet.
These are all of the colors I had a few weeks ago.  I have bought some browns and tans since then, but they come in a variety of colors.

So this is what chalkboard markers look like if this is the look you want.

Some Advice
If you are drawing something big I would recommend doing it in pencil first.  I drew the Hogwarts castle, and I had to redo the whole thing.  Now that was also kind of my fault because I didn't see how high I wanted it, but I would still recommend drawing in pencil first because a lot of the colors don't come off very nicely.  I would also recommend paint that matches your shelves.  Thank goodness my shelves are white because I could get rid of some of my mistakes to make it look nice again especially with my castle.  Also have wet paper towels at all times for erasing.  I would also recommend a dry one so you can dry the surface when you're done.

If you want to know more about what I plan on doing with my shelves or why I wanted to paint them in chalkboard paint in the first place you can go watch this video.  If you want to do this please let me know, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Let's Talk About Mental Illness

My story
I am not one to hide what is wrong with me.  Most of my friends know this, but I have struggled a lot with mental illness for the last nine years or so.  I personally struggle with anxiety and panic disorder as well as depression.  My anxiety has been bad for the last couple of years, but my depression, while there were good days and bad days, has been mostly under control  until recently.  However as some of you may know, my life has kind of unraveled over the last couple of months.  I don't really have friends right now where I live, and the ones I do don't get that I just can't magically get better, but that will be a tangent in a minute.
The worst part about depression and anxiety for me is the fact that I just don't enjoy anything right now.  I don't want to film, read, or play video games.  I still try to film topics that I'm excited about, but when I do, they just aren't as well received.  Don't get me wrong, I don't do this for views or subscribers, but when you're really excited about something and you feel like no one is watching it gets kind of disappointing especially when life already kind of sucks.   However if I don't film, I then feel stressed out.  I know if I said anything everyone would be like "it's fine don't worry take care of yourself", but I always feel so incredibly guilty when I don't put a video up every week.  I know that's a silly thing to stress about, but for some reason it makes me so anxious if I don't film.  Then I'm in the violent circle of I need to film and I'm freaking out that I haven't filmed, but I don't want to film, or if I do I don't have anything I want to talk about.

I guess the point is it's okay to be not okay.  A lot of the people who are my "friends" (i.e. people in my classes or who I work with but don't see outside of class/work) don't get that.  They tell me I need to try to get better right away and make myself happy.  Now don't get me wrong that is important and you definitely need to take care of yourself, but it's okay to be not okay. It's okay to fall apart.  It's okay not to film, or blog, or read because you just can't bring yourself to do it.  It's okay to not want to get out of bed, but at some point we all need to pick ourselves up.  Even if that just means going through your daily routine, which for me, getting up and going to the grocery store or getting the mail can be the hardest thing in the world to do right now.   Some days, you need to focus on the little victories.  So to you reading this, never forget that some days the little victories are what matters.  You are not your illness, and eventually everything gets better even if it doesn't seem that way right now.
To anyone who doesn't feel important, I promise you are.  There is someone in this world who is so proud of you and cares about you so much.  If nothing else, I (a stranger on the internet) am so proud of you.  Whether you are struggling through a terrible depression right now or if it was years ago, I am proud of you because mental illness isn't easy, and some days life might not feel worth it, but I just want everyone to know that you are important and you are worth it.

Now this originally was supposed to talk about mental illness and being a content creator, which is something i've been struggling with a lot.  I don't feel inspired to create content.  I, right now, barely feel inspired to get out of bed.  However I think this ended up making a more important point that you aren't alone in this struggle, and there is someone out there who cares about you. I promise.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top 5 Characters You Are Most Like

Penny from Girl Online
There is one reason I feel like I am so much like Penny, and that's because of her anxiety.  I mean I also have a blog, but I don't blog like she does.  However I have anxiety and panic disorder, and I have a very similar reaction to her.  It reall made me connect with the character.

Elise from This Song Will Save Your Life
When I was in high school, I had a very similar experience with music.  It brought some light into my life when it seemed to be completely dark.  Now I didn't become a DJ, but I understand that music can help you through a dark time.

Colin from An Abundance of Katherines
So on a more positive note, Colin and I share a love of math.  Throughout An Abundance of Katherines, I loved all of the math.  I also really enjoyed his theorem.

Wade from Ready Player One
Again, this one is simple.  I share his love for videogames.  Now not the multiplayer online games.  I'm more of a console person myself, but I love videogames.

Gwen from The Neverland Wars
I am very similar with my younger sisters.  I feel like if my sisters were taken to Neverland I would react the same way as Gwen I also tell them lots of stories.  So I felt like I connected with her on that kind of level.

Also disclaimer, I got The Neverland Wars as a review book from Clean Teen Publishing.  I don't know if I needed to say that since I didn't really talk about the book and my opinions, but just in case, I wanted to say it just to make sure.  Still learning these things.  :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why I love Sara Lance

So over the past week, I have binge watched Legends of Tomorrow, which I can safely say might be my favorite show right now.  However, I want to talk about how amazing of a character Sara Lance is.  Even after life on Lian Yu and dealing with Ivo, she is so strong, independent, and willing to do what she needs to do.  Now I feel like throughout Legends of Tomorrow I feel like Sara Lance has grown as a character.  She used to be kind of a loner, but throughout the show, she has become a great friend.  Her friendship with Kendra has really allowed her to blossom as a person.
I also feel like she's a really great role model.  Unless I'm mistaken (which is possible, I haven't done a lot of research), she is one of the few women in the League of Assassins other than Nyssa.  I feel like you have to be a really strong woman to be in the League of Assassins.  Now not only is she a great fighter, but all of the other people in the group use a gun or gun like weapon, she rarely uses guns and is always able to handle herself.
My last reason I want to talk about is based on a specific episode.  So if you haven't watched Legends of Tomorrow, this isn't really a spoiler, but if you like going into episodes blind then I wouldn't continue reading.  There is an episode where they go back to the 1950s, and Sara meets a nurse, and she teaches the nurse in the 1950s that it's okay to like women, and to ignore the prejudice.  That's something that not every character would do.  I think that was the episode that I fell in love with Sara Lance.
I know that she has her faults, and she's not perfect, but Sara Lance has become one of my favorite fictional characters.