Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why I love Sara Lance

So over the past week, I have binge watched Legends of Tomorrow, which I can safely say might be my favorite show right now.  However, I want to talk about how amazing of a character Sara Lance is.  Even after life on Lian Yu and dealing with Ivo, she is so strong, independent, and willing to do what she needs to do.  Now I feel like throughout Legends of Tomorrow I feel like Sara Lance has grown as a character.  She used to be kind of a loner, but throughout the show, she has become a great friend.  Her friendship with Kendra has really allowed her to blossom as a person.
I also feel like she's a really great role model.  Unless I'm mistaken (which is possible, I haven't done a lot of research), she is one of the few women in the League of Assassins other than Nyssa.  I feel like you have to be a really strong woman to be in the League of Assassins.  Now not only is she a great fighter, but all of the other people in the group use a gun or gun like weapon, she rarely uses guns and is always able to handle herself.
My last reason I want to talk about is based on a specific episode.  So if you haven't watched Legends of Tomorrow, this isn't really a spoiler, but if you like going into episodes blind then I wouldn't continue reading.  There is an episode where they go back to the 1950s, and Sara meets a nurse, and she teaches the nurse in the 1950s that it's okay to like women, and to ignore the prejudice.  That's something that not every character would do.  I think that was the episode that I fell in love with Sara Lance.
I know that she has her faults, and she's not perfect, but Sara Lance has become one of my favorite fictional characters.

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