Sunday, July 13, 2014

Character Analysis: Dolores Umbridge

I have spent this weekend watch Harry Potter weekend on ABCFamily. In watching this, I decided I wanted to analyze the character Dolores Umbridge.  While many people have made this connection before, but Umbridge symbolizes everything that is wrong with the educational system, or at least the American educational system.  While I am not saying that the American educational system is necessarily bad, but everything has its flaws.  There is a line that she says in Order of the Phoenix that goes something like "The Theoretical knowledge is all you will need to pass your exams."  It just reminds me how lots of teachers now have to teach to a test.  That's not to mention how when she gets a tiny bit of power she over does it immediately.  It's like a school district and their budget, that little bit of power can overtake them.  I don't know if this was a problem where you are, but in my old school district we have had more lay offs in the last five years that my entire school-aged life.  It just shows what power can do to you instead of thinking of a logical way to fix the school, school districts, much like Umbridge, go and fire any teacher that doesn't conform to their methods.

These were just a few things I saw, and this was probably the most uninteresting blog post ever, but as an education major it was something I was thinking about.

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