Thursday, July 24, 2014

Series I Won't Be Finishing

First, I need to put out a disclaimer. I am not saying that I will definitely not finish these series nor am I saying these are bad books.  However they are not high on the priority list for me to finish, and if you have a large TBR like most readers do, you know that if it's not high on the list it most likely will never be read.

Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
It's super funny and really cute, but I feel like I missed my window of opportunity to read this.  It just felt too young for me, and I had a hard time relating to the character.  It was a good book, and it has a great story, but there were just so many books in this series that I didn't want to invest the time into it when I would like the series, but I would never love it.  This is a series I wish I had been younger when I started reading this series because I think as a young teenager I would have really gotten into it.

Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children
I don't know if that is necessarily the right series name, but that's what goodreads told me.  I read Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children.  I understand why so many people love this book however I just found the pictures to be overly creepy at some points.  I am a big old scaredy cat when it comes to anything even slightly creepy.  So this just scared the bajesus out of me.  The book was great, and it's one I may consider continuing on in, but it's definitely not a priority.

Mara Dyer
 This series is similar to Miss Peregrine's in the aspect that the story just creeped me out.  I enjoyed the story line, but at the same time I was so anxious and scared that I'm not sure I want to continue on with the series, but this is definitely a maybe.  I'm leaning towards more of a yes because of Noah Shaw and that cliffhanger!

There is only reason I don't ant to read Rebel, which is the second book in this duology. I thought that Reboot's ending was satisfying and that I don't really feel any urge to read the next book, but I did really enjoy the first book and I may continue on with the series, but this is one that I highly doubt I will finish just because I liked the point it ended on and I don't see the point of continuing.

Shatter Me
This is a series I will almost definitely continue on with eventually, but it is definitely not a high priority.  However if I didn't feel so much pressure to read it, I definitely wouldn't read it because I really did not enjoy Shatter Me.  So it is hard to want to read the next book in the series, and while I hear it gets better, I'm still having a hard time trying to force myself to read the second book.

Contours of the Heart
I know there is a second book in this series, and I don't know how many more books there are going to be after that.  However this book had no redeeming qualities for me.  I didn't like most of the characters or the plot.  So unless it's a series like Anna and the French Kiss where it is a companion series, I will definitely not be continuing on.  Easy was my least favorite book of the year so far so I couldn't imagine myself continuing on with the series.

Tell me if there are any series that you don't want to finish or any of these series that you think I should definitely finish.

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