Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Now I'm not much of a resolution person so really the title should be in quotation marks..  I never stick to them as much as I want to say I'll exercise (which I really need to do because my upper body strength is scarily bad).  I know saything that is a one of my "New Year's resolutions" won't make me make sure I do it. However once I posted my 2016 bookish resolutions video I thought of other silly things.  So here's a list of some resolutions I have for 2016.  Most of these are for my channel.

  1. Use my lighting kit.  I've had it for a few months now, and I haven't even opened it yet so I want to start using that.
  2. Have less TBR (to be read) books than I start out with.  There will probably be a TBR video in the near future.  I want to say I'll have 0 TBR books by 2017, but I know that's impossible.  However having less TBR books would be nice.
  3. Start making thumbnails. I always forget to take thumbnail pictures, and I've been wanting to make my channel look more professional.
  4. Learn to use all the features of my camera and editing software.  I only ever useone feature or two, and whenever I try to learn I get overwhelmed pretty easily.
Those are just a few things I hope to work on in 2016. Let me know what some of your resolutions or goals are.

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