Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Problems With Gift Giving And An Idea

I have been driving a lot throughout my holiday season, and I realized one thing.  I really hate getting gifts.  Now not gifts from my family because I'm always prepared to give something back.  However I've had wonderful friends who gave me gifts for either my birthday or Christmas, and in all honesty, that really stresses me out.  Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate how kind and generous my friends are I just live with the anxiety that I haven't gotten them something back.  I have a terrible memory for birthdays, and I always feel bad when I forget someone's birthday, which is more often than I would like to admit.
So when it comes to gifts, I'm like Sheldon Cooper. If you don't watch The Big Bang Theory, there is an episode where Penny gets Sheldon a Christmas gift.  He wants to adequately reciprocate her gift so he goes to Bath & Body Works, and he buys a gift basket in every size so he can give her the proper gift.  Now that's how I feel about gifts.  I hate not knowing I'm getting them, and I hate not being able to reciprocate them.  With being a college student, I can't always get my friends gifts, and that stresses me out far more than it should.

Now to alleviate some of that stress, I thought of a pretty great idea.  Once I get my first full time job which should hopefully be soon.  I want to get all of my friends' wishlists, and at random points in the year buy them a book.  So that at Christmas time I don't feel guilty because I can't afford to buy all of my family and friends stuff.  The idea has helped alleviate some of the anxiety.

Does anyone else get like this?

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