Saturday, February 27, 2016

Thoughts on Gilmore Girls Reunion

So I have been binge rewatching Gilmore Girls, and I am super excited for the reunion.  So I obviously have high hopes.  Probably too high, but that's okay.  So here are some hopes and dreams that I have.

  1.  Now this one I know isn't happening, but I was hoping that they would just say Richard is traveling.  I couldn't imagine Emily without Richard, but that's already been confirmed that it was not the case.  I was hoping that we would have a kind of happy Emily instead of a grieving one.
  2.  For Jackson and/or Sookie to come back,  I know Melissa McCarthy isn't confirmed to come back, and I believe Jackson Douglas might be coming back.  However ideally they will both come back.  
  3. If Rory ends up with one of her ex-boyfriends, I really want her to end up with Logan.  I was never really a fan of Jess, and I liked Dean at first, but my fondness for him diminished over time.  However Logan I grew to love.  I know all three of them are confirmed to come back so that should be interesting.  However she could end up with someone entirely new and that would be great! I just couldn't imagine who.
  4.  Lorelai ends up with Luke.  Period.  I just want her and Luke to be together and happy. Yes, I know they are fictional characters, but they are adorable, and I need more Luke and Lorelai in my life. 
  5.  Lastly I'm just hoping the characters are still witty, and funny, which I'm sure will be the case. 
Either way, I am really excited for the reunion, and have high hopes.  

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